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Save the date: Livery Education Conference 22 November 2022 at Merchant Taylors’ Hall. This morning conference provides an opportunity for senior members of staff in schools and senior members of Livery Companies to exchange ideas on current education issues. If you would like to know more E mail

The Livery in Education 2022 booklet has just been published. Contributions from the Livery Companies and Guilds of the City of London demonstrate the importance that Livery Companies place on helping education at school level and often beyond.


Livery Committee Website has further information on education groups among the Livery movement.

The services we provide are developed in consultation with schools, students and Livery Companies to ensure we meet the real world needs of student employability. If there are any additional services you think we could provide to help your school, please do contact us.


Livery Schools Link supports members of Livery Companies and Guilds to volunteer with schools to help them with career talks, employability days and work experiences.


Livery Schools Link (LSL) has a code of practice for volunteers who are engaged in LSL agreed activities with young people. 


A common question is ‘What is a Livery Company’ – and when people find out and engage with them they wish they had known about them long before. Find out what is a Livery Company here.


We run a range of events schools can get involved with – from the Guildhall showcase to the annual Livery Conference. Go to our Events section to find out more.


We send regular quarterly updates to schools to keep them informed about our projects and how they can get involved.


The Apprentice Futures website has a lot of information about apprenticeships.


Useful material in STEM subjects covering a wide range of ages from the Civil Aviation Authority CAA.

Inspiration For All

Inspiration For All is a not for profit, social enterprise which partners leaders from schools with leaders from business in a unique mentorship programme designed to develop leadership skills and confidence.

Is your school interested in classics as a subject?


Springboard Charity

The Springboard Charity offers education and training programmes for those interested in a career in hospitality, leisure and tourism industries.

Financial Education

If any school is interested in helping young people with financial education then ‘Young Enterprise and Young Money’ can be of help. Subscribe to the newsletter here.


Find Fusion

Find Fusion supports you to find, curate and share learning opportunities that develop Fusion skills which are important for the world of work. Find Fusion is  a signposting platform for learning opportunities offered by organisations and schools within the City of London and beyond.

Gresham for Schools 2021-2

Gresham College’s free public lectures (running since 1597) are delivered by world-leading professors in the arts and sciences, including such as Professors Chris Whitty (Medicine), Sarah Hart (Maths) Leslie Thomas QC (Law) and Jacqueline McGlade (Environment).

You can sign up for monthly email updates here:

For teachers and students they are a resource for developing subject knowledge and skills, careers advice, EPQ projects and UCAS statements. We have a searchable back catalogue of 2,500 free digital lectures on our website ordered by school subject at

2022-22 LECTURES:

Our 2022 lectures include:

ASTRONOMY: A series on the History of the Universe called Cosmic Revolutions by Astronomy Professor Katherine Blundell, and The Frontiers of Knowledge by Visiting Professor Roberto Trotta; and Mars Missions 2021: Early Discoveries by Andrew Coates.

BUSINESS / ECONOMICS: in The Principles of Finance, Business Professor Alex Edmans will give a primer on everything from how to save to risk management. A series by Visiting Professor Martin Daunton will look at Three Crises in Capitalism. See also Natural Capital series under Geography.

ENGLISH & MEDIAThe Powers of the Novel by Visiting Professor John Mullan will look at Plot, Coincidences and  Villains; Farah Karim-Cooperwill speak onShakespeare,Race and Performance, the series on How Not To be Human: Exploring Humanity Through Science Fiction will be delivered by Visiting Professor Jim Endersby. In our Media,Trust and Society series, Philip Howard will talk about fighting disinformation on Covid-19.

GEOGRAPHY: Professor Jacqueline McGlade’s series Natural Capital and the Wellbeing Economy will look at how our economy needs to change to guarantee a sustainable future for the planet. There is also a varied series on Natural World: Exploration, Extinction and Adaptation

HISTORY:  among the highlights are: The Hidden History of How Protestantism Went Global, by Professor Alec Ryrie, a series on Stuart Britain, a one-off lecture on Holocaust History Under Siege,  and a Black History Month series. We also have a thoughtful lecture by Ludmilla Jordanova on Portraits, Biographies and Public History. And a series on Music Under Stalin (see Music).

IT: Professor Richard Harvey’s Six Tech InventionsThat Changed the World will talk about IT breakthroughs everyone should know about, like GPS, Compression and Error Control Coding.

LAW / POLITICS / CITIZENSHIPRace, Colonialism and Power in the Legal System by Professor Leslie Thomas QC, will look at the Immigration Act 1971, the Brixton Riots, Judicial racism and more; The Misrule of Lawby Visiting Professor Thomas Grant QC looks at the misuse of law, for example under segregation in the US. Visiting Professor Imogen Goold will discuss Medical Law, including lectures on freezing eggs and fertility treatment. We have two lectures on Europe: Anand Menon on Brexit, and Patricia Clavin on Europe’s Search for Sustainable Security. Finally, the Media,Trust and Society series and the lecture, Does Philanthropy Do the Public Good? may be of interest to Citizenship teachers; along with a series on Religion and Society in the 21st Century.

MATHEMATICS: Gresham Professor Sarah Hart’s series Geometry: The Mathematics of Art will discuss beauty, perspective and more;  while Hugh Hunt will give a one-off talk on The Maths of Gyroscopes and Boomerangsand we have an event on Numbers in Different Languages and Cultures.

MEDICINE: Chief Medical Officer for England Professor Chris Whitty will look at Infections and their Routes of Transmission. We also have a new series of lectures on Neuroscience: The Brain and the Mind

MUSIC Professor Marina Frolova-Walker will give a series of lecture-recitals on Music Under Stalin. Visiting Professor Jeremy Summerly will give a series of lectures on Music and Emotion.

RELIGION Three lecturers will explore some current issues in major world religions in Religion and Society in the 21st Century;while our Divinity Professor will look at the work of Protestant missionaries in The Hidden History of How Protestantism Went Global


Recent highlights in our archive are a career-relevant series on Business Skills by Alex Edmans, which includes lectures on your CV, time management; a lecture by Jo Delahunty QC on How I Became A Barrister; a series on Major Debates in Public Health by Chris Whitty; two series by Sir Jonathan Bate on Classic Shakespeare and Wordsworth and the Romantics; a series on England’s Reformations by Alec Ryrie; we also have a strong series on the applications of Mathematics for example, in the film industry, the maths of climate change, by Chris Budd. We also have some brilliant lectures on Evil Women by historian Joanna Bourke and lectures on Great Thinkers by classicist Edith Hall.


In Sep 2021 we can offer free block School and College bookings for in-person lectures; email if you want to book, or to order free paper programmes for your school.