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The Livery Education Conference 2021 and LSL Annual Careers Showcase 2021 are still going ahead – find out more here.

The Livery in Education 2021 booklet has just been published. Contributions from the Livery Companies and Guilds of the City of London demonstrate the importance that Livery Companies place on helping education at school level and often beyond.

The services we provide are developed in consultation with schools, students and Livery Companies to ensure we meet the real world needs of student employability. If there are any additional services you think we could provide to help your school, please do contact us.

Introducing you to a free teaching and learning tool that could become an exciting targeted re-engagement/restart strategy as children and young people transition from home learning to school .

By signing up to Achievement for All 200 million minutes, you will be able to monitor reengagement in reading,  starting the challenge at home and building up as the children return (4th – 31st March 2021). 

200 Million Minutes is a great tool for getting children and young people reading. There is a national daily tally of engagement by way of league tables (Fantasy Football but for Reading Minutes). Every child can log the minutes they read and contribute to a schools total. It’s a great motivator encouraging parents and carers to read with their children at home, children reading more than usual, and celebrating the achievements of a school community in “Drop everything and Read”, to say nothing of the allure of prizes. All children involved will get a pack with bookmarks and tally charts.

The programme includes learning tools, the possibility of a free session delivered by a Ieading author,  a mechanism for counting the number of minutes reading by all children and young people, culminating in a prize for the winning school.

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The Livery in Education booklet is on track for publication at the start of March 2021 to coincide with the next Livery Education conference. An electronic copy of the brochure will be available on the website and a hard copy can be sent to a school on request.


Livery Schools Link supports members of Livery Companies and Guilds to volunteer with schools to help them with career talks, employability days and work experiences.


Livery Schools Link (LSL) has a code of practice for volunteers who are engaged in LSL agreed activities with young people. 


A common question is ‘What is a Livery Company’ – and when people find out and engage with them they wish they had known about them long before. Find out what is a Livery Company here.


We run a range of events schools can get involved with – from the Guildhall showcase to the annual Livery Conference. Go to our Events section to find out more.


We send regular quarterly updates to schools to keep them informed about our projects and how they can get involved.


The Apprentice Futures website has a lot of information about apprenticeships.

Springboard Charity

The Springboard Charity offers education and training programmes for those interested in a career in hospitality, leisure and tourism industries.