Livery Schools Link works with Livery Companies and schools to benefit young people in education.

Breaking News: Livery Showcase will be live at the Guildhall on Tuesday 28th June for Secondary pupils in Years 8, 9 & 10 and on 29th June for Primary pupils in Years 5 & 6.

Can You Volunteer?

Does Your School Need Volunteers?

We would like to remind you that we now have a different system for organising careers talks. In summer 2020 we joined the LSL volunteering platform with two partner charities ‘Inspiring the Future’ and ‘Speakers for Schools’. They will help you create careers events tailor-made for your school. Please contact them directly either, Speakers for Schools or Inspiring the Future . We are also in discussions with our two partner charities: for virtual work experience as part of the Livery offer on the volunteer platform. Further information on the new arrangements are available on our Website

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Find Fusion

Find Fusion supports you to find, curate and share learning opportunities that develop Fusion skills which are important for the world of work. Find Fusion is  a signposting platform for learning opportunities offered by organisations and schools within the City of London and beyond.

Pollinating London Together

Pollinating London Together (PLT) is a pan-livery company initiative to raise importance of the awareness of biodiversity and pollinators and their recent substantial decline. Furthermore, one of the main objectives behind PLT is to draw attention to the importance and plight of all pollinators, including solitary, honey and bumble bees, Butterflies and hoverflies. Educational resources

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