For Livery Companies

Breaking News: Livery Showcase will be live at the Guildhall on Tuesday 28th June for Secondary pupils in Years 8, 9 & 10 and on 29th June for Primary pupils in Years 5 & 6.

The Livery in Education 2021 booklet has just been published. Contributions from the Livery Companies and Guilds of the City of London demonstrate the importance that Livery Companies place on helping education at school level and often beyond.

Livery Schools Link is a membership organisation. We are open to all Livery Companies, Companies without Livery and Guilds in the City of London (bodies collectively referred to elsewhere on this website as City Livery Companies, Livery Companies, or just the Livery), on receipt of a modest annual subscription.

Benefits of membership include:

  • Free stand at the Livery showcase
  • Priority booking at Heads Livery conference
  • Opportunity to participate in a themed careers event
  • Opportunity to participate in the launch of the volunteer brokerage platform
  • Help with finding a partner school
  • Receipt of extra newsletters
  • Ability to help mould the future long term direction of LSLL
  • …and more!

Please contact us if you are interested in signing up as a Livery Company member.

Inspiration For All is a not for profit, social enterprise which partners leaders from schools with leaders from business in a unique mentorship programme designed to develop leadership skills and confidence.

To all member Companies of Livery Schools Link Ltd
Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of Livery Schools Link Limited (“LSLL“) will be held both in person and virtually on 15 September 2021 at 4pm. The meeting will be held at The City Centre, City of London Corporation, 80 Basinghall Street, London,  EC2V 5AG.  A Zoom link  will be available on request to   Topic: Livery Schools Link Limited AGM Time: 15 September 2021 at 4pm    
Please note that, pursuant to Article 20 of the Articles of Association of LSLL, only members of LSLL have a right to vote at the AGM. Each member may authorise a person to act as its representative under s.323 of the Companies Act 2006. If you choose to so authorise a person, please provide LSLL with the name of that person in advance of the AGM. Members are invited to nominate a proxy if a voting representative from their Company cannot be found.  Please download this form and review the notes in it for further information.
You can only appoint a proxy using that form. Please note that to appoint the proxy, the form must be:
·         completed and signed;
·         delivered by email to Lis Goodwin at  ; and
·         received no later than 4pm on Sunday 12 September 2021.
It is not possible to send completed proxy forms by post to the registered office this year.   A proxy appointment made by email will not be valid if sent to any email address other than that provided above or if received after the time stated above.  
Any resolutions for the AGM should be sent in advance to Lis Goodwin at
The following resolutions will be proposed as ordinary resolutions:

To receive the Chairperson’s reportTo receive the accounts for the financial year to 31 March 2021Election of directors: David Barker is retiring from the Board at the AGM. Maureen Marden is also retiring by way of rotation and offers herself for re-electionTo agree the independent examiner for 2021-22To consider any resolutions proposed by member companiesTo deal with any other business which may lawfully come before the meeting Entry to the AGM:   In order to participate in the AGM, you will need attend the in person meeting at the address above, or access the virtual meeting using the Zoom link and access details available on request to   Physical entry into the AGM will open at 15.30 on 15 September 2021 with tea available.   Electronic entry into the AGM will open at 15.45 on 15 September 2021.   Speaking at the AGM:   To speak at the AGM, you must attend the physical meeting or join the Zoom meeting.   Voting at the AGM:   Voting at the AGM will be recorded.  
The process for speaking and voting during the AGM will be further explained by the Chairperson during the meeting.   By order: Elisabeth Goodwin
C/o The Worshipful Company of Educators
8 Little Trinity Lane

13 August 2021