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There is a new comprehensive FREE careers toolkit available on the SACU website, called Careers HELP that can be accessed at

Careers HELP has been designed for years 8-10 and introduces the concept of “careers” when GCSE choices are made. Together with the SACU Career quiz, set for years 11-13, it creates a seamless service from first choice to selection of university and tertiary providers.

For teachers and advisors charged with giving careers advice and guidance, it is a valuable tool and directory, supporting given advice and promoting students to take ownership of their careers.

Careers HELP is new and has been developed by the Horners City of London Livery Company and SACU, supported by Livery Schools Link and the Educators’ Company. It has many attractive and unique features

  • It is simple, portable and personal to the student, promoting ownership of their career. It uses the familiar technology of mobile phones
  • It covers all jobs through three levels of aspiration, catering for all students, not just those heading for university
  • It is targeted at years 8-10 when early career choices are made.
  • The quiz uses graphic images and is quick and easy to use
  • It creates personal profiles, named after “bugs” in several visual formats, allowing students to explore possibilities in their own career “cloud”
  • It provides up-to-date information on labour markets, degree and apprentice overviews and links to other websites.
  • It is an important tool and database for teachers and advisors, allowing light touch management of the careers advisory function.
  • It meets 5 of the Gatsby Benchmarks and satisfies the Government aim to introduce career thinking earlier to the student.
  • The App and its databases update automatically
  • It is free to all users