The Volunteering Platform Sign-Up


Thank you for your interest in volunteering to support young people in education!.

In partnership with Livery Schools Link, Speakers for Schools and Inspiring the Future are excited to welcome volunteers from all Livery Companies and Guilds to engage with and support students in schools and colleges across the UK.

Speakers for Schools and Inspiring the Future, two independent charities, will provide exciting opportunities for volunteers to engage in, helping to increase the employability and life chances of students in education. Most of the schools and colleges are in areas where the young people come from socially disadvantaged backgrounds.

Members of Livery Companies and Guilds can get involved in many ways, including:

  • In-school and virtual speaker opportunities to inspire and motivate students
  • Provide access to meaningful work experience
  • Take part in mock interviews and CV workshops

By signing up as a volunteer through this partnership page, you are agreeing for your data to be shared by Livery Schools Link with Speakers for Schools and Inspiring the Future to enable them to support your volunteering. Speakers for Schools and Inspiring the Future will also provide data back on your volunteering to your Livery Company or Guild, helping them to measure and report on the social impact of their members helping students in education.

Once you have completed the form below with some details about yourself, and your interest areas, a member of the team from Speakers for Schools or Inspiring the Future will be in touch to discuss further and help you engage on your first opportunities.

We are excited to be entering this partnership with Speakers for Schools and Inspiring the Future, providing a platform that can help all Livery Companies, Guilds and their Members support students in education across the UK.

Thank you for taking part!