Livery Schools Link (LSL) has a code of practice for volunteers who are engaged in LSL agreed activities with young people. 

Schools should be aware that volunteers:

  • Respond to requests for help to a supplied brief.
  • Self-nominate and are not vetted for skills or experiences.

Our volunteers sign up to our safeguarding code of practice and states they should always:

  • Treat everyone with respect and dignity and be sensitive to individual beliefs, faiths and religions
  • Act as a good role model for their Company and for the young people.
  • Remember that others may misinterpret behaviour and actions regardless of how well intentioned they may be
  • Respect a young person’s right to privacy but if a young person talks about sensitive issues then refer them to the school link person.
  • Provide an environment that encourages young people and adults to feel comfortable and confident in challenging any attitudes or behaviours that may be discriminatory in any way
  • Those working with pupils on a 1:1 basis should always meet with their mentee in a public space as the volunteer is not DBS checked.

Our safeguarding code of practice also states volunteers must never:

  • Permit or accept abusive and discriminatory behaviour  (e.g. bullying, taunting)
  • Engage in inappropriate behaviour or contact (including horseplay) themselves or allow or encourage others to do so.
  • Use inappropriate or demeaning language
  • Engage in a sexual relationship with a young person (consenting or not), or make sexually suggestive comments
  • Give personal money to young people
  • Use alcohol, drugs or other substances when working
  • Deliberately put themselves or others in compromising or potentially dangerous situations.
  • Promote their religious or political ideas or beliefs.

These guidelines are based on guidelines developed by other organisations with volunteer opportunities in schools. LSL has a safeguarding lead who currently is Maureen Marden on