Our Board

There is a board made up of 7 representatives from member Companies and 2 ex-officio members, one from The City of London Corporation and one from the Livery Committee. The day-to-day running of the organisation is managed by the board members.

Name Company LSL Responsibility
David Barker Information Technologists Volunteer Platform, Digital Divide Fund
Brian Blanchard Builders Merchants Vocational skills
Paul Cole Barbers  
Susan Fey Educators Educators schools team
Lis Goodwin Educators Chairman, Conference, Showcase Schools
Nick Hutton Solicitors Secretary
Jonathan Legat Air Pilots Air Pilots gliding
Maureen Marden Environmental Cleaners Membership, Livery links Showcase , Livery, Digital Divide Fund
Peter Walker Public Relations Practitioners Finance, Booklet
Philip Woodhouse Grocers Livery Committee link

1. Current status

Livery Schools Link Ltd (LSL) is now a Registered Company No 10029749 and a Registered Charity No 1172347. The registered address is 8 Little Trinity Lane, London, EC4V 2AN.

It was formed as a company in February 2016 and became a charity in March 2017

2. Purpose

The purpose of LSL Ltd is:

  • 1. To support schools in developing young people’s employability skills for work and life.
  • 2. To make young people aware about the wide range of employment and training opportunities which are represented by Livery Companies and their members?
  • 3. To help to raise the aspirations of young people
  • 4. To positively encourage Livery Companies and their members to get actively involved in helping achieve links between them and schools.

The word ‘schools’ includes schools, academies and colleges for students between the ages of 5 and 18.The phrase ‘Livery Companies’ includes Companies seeking Livery Status and Guilds.

3. Mission

The mission of LSL Ltd is to be a central resource available to any Livery Company and School wishing to work with it. LSL will provide information and support to Livery Companies to help them meet their educational aims and objectives and to schools to achieve the engagement with Companies which they seek. This work is for the benefit of young people.