Our Aims

The purpose of Livery Schools Link is:

  1. To support schools in developing young people’s skills for work and life.
  2. To make schools and young people aware about the wide range of employment and training opportunities which are represented by Livery Companies and their members.
  3. To help to raise the aspirations of young people
  4. To positively encourage Livery Companies and their members to get actively involved in helping achieve links between them and schools.


The mission of LSL Ltd is to be a central resource available to any Livery Company and school wishing to work with it. LSL will provide information and support to Livery Companies to help them meet their educational aims and objectives and to schools to achieve the engagement with Companies which they seek. This work is for the benefit of young people.


  • Management and development of the membership of the organisation. 
  • Establishment and maintenance of a volunteer brokerage platform of speakers and other helpers from Livery Companies who would be willing to visit schools, give career talks, act as mentors, help as school governors and give other assistance where possible. (New)
  • Maintenance and development of the website to provide easily available information to any interested party.  
  • Organisation  of an annual Livery Showcase Event to bring together Livery Companies with primary and secondary school students with their staff to help students understand more about the careers represented by Livery Companies and their members.  
  • Organisation of an annual Livery Education Conference for Headteachers and Livery Companies to develop mutually agreed action points. The organisation is done jointly with the Worshipful Company of Actuaries and the Worshipful Company of Educators.
  • Publication of the annual booklet ‘Livery in Education’ with contributions from all Livery Companies. 
  • Delivery of the Heritage Lottery Fund project about the supply chain to World War One linking 15 Livery Companies and 13 schools finishing with a display in the Guildhall Art Gallery at the end of March 2017.
  • Organisation of the annual Livery Academy Awards.
  • Facilitation of targeted careers events in London for schools.
  • Development of existing links with the Livery Companies’ Skills Council to support Livery Companies who are encouraging students to become apprentices or to follow vocational training paths. 
  • Organisation of one Open meeting each year following the AGM to provide an annual briefing for members.
  • Representation of member Livery Companies’ interests at City of London events  to maintain the profile and identity of Livery Companies in education and training.    
  • Development of links with other organisations that work to improve the interaction between Livery Companies


We provide a range of services to help students in education develop the vital employability skills needed today, including speakers for motivational career talks and professionals to support career days.


Help inspire students and develop their employability skills at the same time. Whether you are just starting out in your career, or have many years experience, there are opportunities for everyone.