Our Aims

The purpose of Livery Schools Link is:

  1. To support schools in developing young people’s skills for work and life.
  2. To make schools and young people aware about the wide range of employment and training opportunities which are represented by Livery Companies and their members.
  3. To help to raise the aspirations of young people
  4. To positively encourage Livery Companies and their members to get actively involved in helping achieve links between them and schools.


The mission of LSL Ltd is to be a central resource available to any Livery Company and school wishing to work with it. LSL will provide information and support to Livery Companies to help them meet their educational aims and objectives and to schools to achieve the engagement with Companies which they seek. This work is for the benefit of young people.

Activities 2019 – 20

  1. Volunteer brokerage platform:continue development and implementation.
  2. Careers Showcase: in collaboration with City of London Education Board, extended to two days and for primary as well as secondary pupils.
  3. Heads’ Conference:
  4. Livery Education booklet: 2020 version to be published in June.
  5. Themed events: continued development in collaboration with identified schools; small events focussing on one employment sector at a time.
  6. Encourage employers to provide work experience
  7. Careers App: in partnership with the Horners’ Company; aimed at Year 8/9 students.
  8. Communication: update website to include relevant events from other organisations; termly newsletter to both schools and Livery Companies; three reports to The Livery Committee.
  9. Signposting: circulating publicity and information about careers events run by individual Livery Companies (team)
  10. Grow Livery Company membership