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The services we provide are developed in consultation with schools, students and Livery Companies to ensure we meet the real world needs of student employability. If there are any additional services you think we could provide to help your school, please do contact us.

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The Volunteering Platform

The Volunteering Platform, managed by Livery Schools Link, brings together volunteers from Livery Companies, membership organisations and employers to help schools with career talks, employability days, school clubs and school governance.

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Livery Schools Link (LSL) has a code of practice for volunteers who are engaged in LSL agreed activities with young people. 

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What are Livery Companies?

A common question is 'What is a Livery Company' - and when people find out and engage with them they wish they had known about them long before. Find out what is a Livery Company here.

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How Livery Companies Help Schools

Download the Livery Education Brochure, showcasing the works of the City of London Livery Companies and how they could help your school.


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Events for Schools

We run a range of events schools can get involved with - from the Guildhall showcase to the annual Livery Conference. Go to our Events section to find out more.

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We send regular quarterly updates to schools to keep them informed about our projects and how they can get involved.

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