Gresham College: Professor Chris Whitty Lecture – 23rd March

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Gresham College are offering a schools-only lecture (in person) we have coming up on March 23 by Professor Chris Whitty that might be of particular interest to the sixth form science students.

The Whitty lecture is on  Infections That Use Touch to Transmit. It  can also be seen virtually watch this online.

Registration to watch in person for individual students is via the link below, or block booking for groups is easier by emailing This event online says ‘online only’ to reflect the fact it’s not open to the general public.

There will be transcripts to take away after the lecture and the chance to ask Professor Whitty questions.

Infections That Use Touch to Transmit (Schools only)

Chris Whitty, Gresham Professor of Physic

Museum of London

6pm-7pm, Wednesday 23 March 2022 (please arrive 10 mins before to be seated!)

Some diseases are spread almost exclusively by touch or through the skin or mucus membranes. These include Ebola, several parasitic diseases such as hookworm, strongyloides and scabies and some bacterial and fungal infections. Other diseases like COVID-19 and influenza are mainly transmitted via other routes but use touch as a secondary method of spread. This has implications for controlling these diseases, including the role of isolation and sanitation.

Booking to bring a school group to his final lecture this year, on The Future of Health Globally on Weds 18 May is also available; for bookings for this lecture please email

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