London Careers Festival 2021

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The London Careers Festival will take place from 5-7 July 2021 at the London Guildhall. On Tuesday 6 July we will hold the Livery Showcase for secondary school students in Years 8 and 9 and on Wednesday 7 July we will hold the Livery Showcase for primary school students in Years 5 and 6. Further details are on the LCF website.

The London Careers Festival website has a number of resources to support schools to enhance their careers provision and meet their Gatsby Benchmarks, even during this period of online learning. All the resources have been carefully screened and curated to ensure that they provide schools and pupils with an enriching collection of resources which encourages them to explore a wide range of careers and industry sectors.

More information can be found at or email the London Careers Festival team at for any queries.