Heat Winners for the Livery Academy Awards Announced

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Winners of the Livery Academy Awards Heats announced who will go through to the final at Mansion House on 30th January 2018!

Mercers Company

Hammersmith Academy – Wild Designs

WildDesigns is a company which wants to ‘make the mundane magical’. It will produce plastic covers in animal designs for sink and bath taps, to encourage children to wash their hands and improve hygiene in the home. They believe that this will reduce the spread of common infections, saving the economy millions in resources such as medicines and GP appointments.

They plan to market toindividuals, but also primary schools and community centres and to developother products with the same brief, such as fun animal soaps.

Grocers’ Company

Chelsea Academy – NDY app

The interface has beenspecifically designed to be clear and easy to use. Whilst some people in thisdemographic will not be familiar with smart phones, it is hoped that an initiallesson from a relative or healthcare professional will be all that’s needed toget them going. They will be able to search for people nearby to just chat to,or join groups for specific activities or chat topics (e.g. card playing or discussingfootball).

Drapers’ Company

Sir George Monoux College(Walthamstow) – Motarmour

Motorcycle theft is a bigproblem and costs the insurance industry millions annually.

Motarmour aims to solve this problem with a metalstorage unit, enabling motorcyclists to lock up their bikes securely. They willbe sited all across London, outside stations and busy locations. If successful,they would roll the scheme out to other cities in the UK.

Motorcyclists would have aphone app, where they can book units in specific locations for as much time asthey need. It will operate in a similar way to the ‘Boris Bike’ scheme.

Haberdashers’ Company

Haberdashers’ Aske’sHatcham College – Study Central

StudyCentral is an onlinelibrary, which aims to be the ‘Netflix of text books’! It plans to have a verylarge range of textbooks available and also online tutorials to aid study forsecondary students. While there are some competitors in the space, they intendto carry a larger choice of books and make the interface much easier to use.

Schools would be charged £3 per month per student, for unlimited use.