Jobs on the Water

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Encouraged by Andrew Overton, Governor of Royal Docks School(and Past Master of the Hackney Carriage Drivers Company) 30 students (Year 9) from the Royal Docks Community School enjoyed a morning hearing about a wide range of possible careers involving “water”.

One of our speakers, Paul Harris a Water Sports Instructor and Watersport Centre Manager

The Morning was divided into two distinct parts. The first session involved short presentations from all the speakers explaining their roles and possible opportunities. For the second session, the students sat in groups of 5/6 and had an opportunity to quiz each presenter for about 10 minutes. We were asked a wide range of questions, some quite challenging.

They heard from:

  • Ed Livett of Livetts, (a family firm involved in a wide range of activities from moving Aggregates to providing boats and crew for James Bond movies on the Thames). He was supported by Angela Coulson
  • Tom de Witt an Apprentice Lighterman (encouraged by the Watermen and Lightermen Company),
  • Jamie Edwards a young Officer in the Merchant Navy
  • Paul Harris a Water Sports Instructor and Watersport Centre Manager
  • Alex Knight of City Cruises

The presentations finished with Peter Cave (who organised this event on behalf of Livery Schools Link) talking about Marine Insurance and Lloyd’s.

We would like to thank all those who gave up their time to support this very worthwhile event, which was thoroughly enjoyed by everybody involved.

If you whether school or livery would be interested intaking part in a similar style “themed event” and would like help in pulling ittogether please contact