2017 Livery Showcase Event

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What a great day, 30 very diverse livery companies attracting great interest from around 600 students (mainly 15/16 year olds) and 60+ teachers from over 30 schools.

“All my students have had a really great experience, the diversity of stands, was excellent, having so many young people on the stands sharing their experiences made it such fun. I will be wanting to bring 2 Groups next year – a really worthwhile day.”
Senior Teacher

“Thank you very much for the event. As a school, we found it very useful, students enjoyed seeing the building and meeting your colleagues …… More importantly they also found out about some interesting careers and got to learn about areas of employment they hadn’t previously thought of.”
Senior Teacher

The day started at around 7.15am in the Old Library. An event on Saturday Night finished at 3.00am on Sunday, some debris around but the Guildhall team were hard at work and by 8.00am – all cleared, tables out, table covers on, ready to receive the Stall Holders.

Baskets, Books, Bricks, Medical kit, Spectacles and Saddles an amazing plethora of things being carried to and fro.

At 9.45am the first schools arrived, the buzz started, which went on all day.

We were delighted that both our Aldermanic Sheriffs arrived in full regalia, (selfies were the order of the day) spending over an hour visiting the various stands.

They were followed shortly afterwards by The Lady Mayoress. (The Right Hon The Lord Mayor was away in Estonia) who visited every stand and took a great interest in all of the diverse presentations.

The Lady Mayoress also enjoyed meeting students and Liverymen from the Information Technologists where she is the Junior Warden:

We are extremely grateful to the City of London Corporation for sponsoring this event in its entirety.

Reception was manned all day by volunteers from the Educators, their help was greatly appreciated.

Livery Companies who took part and what they offered:

AIR PILOTSTest your aptitude for a career in flying and talk to professionals about the range of career opportunities
BAKERSBread and Cakes – icing and moulding
BARBERSFind out about medical and paramedical careers – learn some basic techniques too at this stand
BASKETMAKERSYou never realised how many different types of basket we all need every day – try your hand at basket making
BUILDERS’ MERCHANTSDiscover the world of work in the supply chain to the construction industry
BUTCHERSFind out what it is like to work in the meat trade and watch some demonstrations
CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTSA wide and versatile range of careers where those interested in maths and analytics will always be needed
CHARTERED ARCHITECTSBuilding design, finding solutions, thinking creatively and working as a team on exciting new projects
CHARTERED SURVEYORSHelping people to become qualified land and building surveyors, regardless of their academic, social or financial circumstances
COACHMAKERSDiscover the career opportunities in car and aerospace design and manufacture, have fun on the Scalextric track
COOKSDo you know your fruit? Want to peel a potato !
EDUCATORSEverything related to teaching and lecturing, talk about the possibilities you haven’t thought of in educationTake a Quiz – Write on a Wall.
FRAMEWORK KNITTERSWatch and understand this skilful craftAmazing what can be made!
GARDENERSAmazing careers in horticulture Spring is coming – get planting
GOLDSMITHSJewellery design and making – learn the techniques and try them out for yourself
HORNERSScience Opens Doors – see how polymers underpin society and chat about science based careers
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGISTSCareers software development and hardware design, job opportunities down different pathways
INNHOLDERSThe world of hospitality and catering
INSURERSRisk is FUN! Can you COMMUNICATE? Are you good at sums?
JOINERS AND CEILERSUnderstand the skill required working with wood and talk to an apprentice joiner and carver while they work
LEATHERSELLERSThe world of leather, touch it, feel it and see how to work with it – identify different qualities of leather, find out re Leather Technology.
MASONSWatch the experts carving and working stone and have a go yourself
PAINTER – STAINERSSee how to make amazing images and designs. Painting, Calligraphy, Millinery – Colour!
PAVIORSThe Construction Youth Trust guiding students about careers in the Construction industry
SADDLERSRepresenting the saddlery trade for nearly 1000 years – Could you make a Saddle?
SALTERSChemistry and Conservation – can you save a piece of paper from destruction
SCRIVENERSEnter a different aspect of the world of law as a Notary Paddington Bear never had as good a handwritten Label!
SHIPWRIGHTSSee how to build a boat
SPECTACLE MAKERSCareers in ophthalmology – understand how the eye works and think about spectacle design for your friends
UPHOLDERSProfessional demonstration on upholstery and a chance to find out about opportunities for work in the upholstery business

“Thank you so much for involving us, this is a great day.”
A Stall Holder

The very successful event, concluded with a reception for Heads and Teachers,  Stall holders, Livery Masters, Clerks and other Liverymen.

We are already starting to plan 2018.

If you would like to be involved or want more information please contact either:

Images from the day