2016 Livery Education Conference

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This was the third Livery Education conference run by the Worshipful Company of Actuaries, the Worshipful Company of Educators and Livery Schools Link. The aim of all three conferences has been to develop the partnership between Livery Companies and schools. The particular aim of this third event was to explore how Livery Companies can help schools prepare students for the workplace. There were 10 discussion tables each with a mix of Livery and school representatives and each group was asked to feed back two key points which are summarised below.


1. Livery Companies and their members could help schools:

  • In the development of softer skills.
  • By introducing students to people who could be role models and help with networking.
  • Provision of internships and work experience of good quality.
  • Help with careers information.
  • Help students understand that a range of skills are needed in most jobs.
  • Act as mentors but beware of the need for DBS checks.
  • Start any interactions with schools with younger children. In particular input into the transition between primary and secondary schools such as summer schools would be useful.
  • A schools liaison point on every Livery Education Committee would be useful.
  • Encourage other professionals to give the last years of their careers in teaching.

2. Livery School Link could help schools and the Livery:

  • Help with developing links between schools and the Livery.
  • Help build links up with primary schools and the Livery.
  • Share good practice of what works and what does not.
  • Provide better information on what Livery Companies and their members do in the 21st Century.
  • Volunteer brokerage platform: The digital platform will be helpful but face to face links are important as well. Good publicity should be given to the launch of the volunteer brokerage platform in October. Schools will need help in using this.

3. Schools need a designated person for liaison with the Livery.

4. It is important that teachers are included in any work to develop the understanding of what the Livery might do to help young people.
Speed networking between teachers and Livery members might be helpful.

5. Parents also need to be made aware of how the Livery might help young people.


There are a large range of ways that Livery Companies can help schools prepare students for the world of work. These include work experience, internships, careers events, mentoring. These opportunities exist across the whole country and not just in the London area. Livery Schools Link can help in developing these partnerships.

The volunteer brokerage platform should be useful but face to face contact is also needed.

Work should be done with parents and teachers to help them understand what Livery Companies and their members can offer to help students prepare for the world of work in the 21st century.

The Livery in Education 2016 booklet is available here.