2016 Livery Showcase Event

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Apprentices and professionals, Liverymen and students mingled today at Guildlhall where over 30 widely differing career paths were showcased. Over 600 students from 25 schools across London were able to chat to shipwrights and saddlemakers, computer technologists and medical students. They discovered how to plan a career in hospitality and ophthalmology and tested their aptitude for flying.

They sampled the work of basketmakers and calligraphers, footwear designers and leatherworkers, trying their hand at decorative paint techniques, upholstery and baking. Advice could be found on surveying and banking as well as architecture and the construction industry. A massive Scalextric track drew students in to a discussion about the automotive and aeronautical industries and apprentice butchers enthused students about the thriving meat trade.

The Livery Showcase Event, now held annually, is a key event for Livery Companies to engage with students inspiring them to consider career paths and job opportuinties in the wide range of skills, trades and professions they represent. While some Livery Companies date back to the Middle Ages, there are many modern Livery Companies rooted in the contemporary world of work such as Air Pilots, Builders’ Merchants and Architects.

The full list of Livery Companies represented at Guildhall is below: Air Pilots; Bakers; Barbers; Basketmakers; Builders’ Merchants; Butchers; Chartered Accountants; Chartered Architects; Chartered Surveyors; Clockmakers; Coachmakers; Educators; Goldsmiths; Horners; Information Technologists; Innholders; Insurers; Joiners and Ceilers; Leathersellers; Masons; Painter Stainers; Pattenmakers; Paviors; Saddlers; Scriveners; Shipwrights; Spectacle Makers; Upholders.